Born in Kingston JA. as the son of Daddy Lees, owner of  Lee's Unlimited Sound (est. 1968). Lee was surrounded by music from the start and from early childhood he was clearly destined to be apart of it. His first venture into the music was dancing. "Being part of a festive family such as mine it was hard not to Love Music. When we would have parties or go to them, people would want me to dance and lively up the place."   

 His ability as a selector(dj) soon became apparent. Just out of high school he started working with Riddim Force, before running Lee's Unlimited in the UnitedStates. He was then approached by Black Chiney to do some of their international dates, which took him to places such as Canada and most of the Caribbean, becoming well known as ‘Chip Lee the Performa’ and gaining a lot of popularity. After deejaying at so many venues and places, Lee decided it was time for a change. ‘‘i was playing for big crowds but not fulfilling what I felt the Most High ordained for my Life." He then started a radio program on a local radio station in Miami called 'JAH Guide‘. ‘‘I went through a very Spiritual time and decided the only way this music thing would last, is if I do it for a higher purpose." He soon linked up with 'Karib Link TV‘ and they put together a production called ‘Sight and Sound.‘ This innovation got great recognition because not only were the people hearing the songs but now visuals were added. While this was very successful, it was time for more change/growth and Jamaica was calling, so he moved home settling in Portland. It was in this time that Lee Tafari discovered his Love for song writing and the guitar, carrying it everywhere with him as he learned to play.   

 In 2013 Lee Tafari united with Haile Conscious. This union brought him to California a number of times, touring the West Coast; Acoustically and with The Upliftment Band. On November 1, 2014 they released his debut acoustic album ‘UP & UP’ Lee Tafari Unplugged. 2017 saw the release of two songs ~ 'PEACE MAKERS' and 'EARTH ANTHEM' feat. Prezident Brown. Both were recorded with master musician Tuff Lion.   In 2018 he put out two singles ‘AS ONE’ and ‘I-N-I UPLIFTMENT’ with I-Sight Records. In 2019 Lee released ‘NAH WAR WITH YOU’  a remix of 'Peace Makers' with dub poet Wise Wurdz. Lee’s latest single ‘VISIONARY’ is produced by Jamaican popular label Cash Flow Records. 

 The journey continues in 2020 and beyond with his focus fully turned towards sharing purely positive vibrations. Steadfast on the mission, he brings something rich and refreshing to the music. A truly humble and peaceful servant, a bright light sent from THE MOST HIGH - Lee Tafari the ‘VISIONARY’